Harvest Upcoming Features

NOTE: These features are not to be taken as guarantees. We can not promise time frames or viability for anything listed below. These items are meant to represent our plans for Harvest, though usually implementation is unpredictable.

Plans for 1.0.6
  • Resizable Interface
  • Increased number of Undo steps
  • Remember Sequences when the plugin is re-initialized
  • Fixing Tool Tips on PC
High Priority beyond 1.0.6
  • Drag MIDI to DAW
  • Auto-adjust Zoom to match No. of Bars
  • Ability to save Presets
  • Adjustable vertical piano scale (more notes on screen vertically)
  • Horizontal Scrolling
Longer Term
  • Lasso select Notes
  • Differentiate between Pause and Stop
  • Preview Quantization while dragging
  • MIDI out channel select
  • Improve Installer appearance
  • Option for: Length of note = Length Tap is Held
  • Option for: Note Length = Until next note starts
  • Right click delete notes
  • Copy/Paste within the Piano Roll
  • Show Note Pool Across Entire Piano Roll (toggleable)
  • Give option to not install on start menu

Most of these items come from user suggestions. Want to add to this list? Email us at contact@harvestplugin.com