Harvest Features

  1. Add/Edit
    • Use the onscreen keyboard or MIDI input to add or remove notes to be randomized.
  2. Clear
    • Clear all selected notes
  3. Preset
    • Pre-existing note selections, broken up into chords and scales.
  1. Octave
    • Duplicate note selection across upper and lower octaves.
  2. Tap
    • Tap while host DAW is playing to create rhythmic patterns.
  3. MIDI Tap
    • Allows use of a MIDI device to tap in rhythms.
  4. Clear
    • Clears all beats.
  1. Quantize
    • Limit grid timing to specific intervals.
  2. Preset
    • Common musical timings.
  3. Bars Knob
    • The number of measures your sequence will be.
  4. Note Length
    • The duration of each beat entered.
  1. Ascend
    • Melodies will trend upwards
    • Level – Adjusts chance of an upwards sequence.
    • Accuracy – Adjusts chance of hitting every note on the way up.
  2. Descend
    • Melodies will trend downwards
    • Level – Adjusts chance of a downwards sequence.
    • Accuracy – Adjusts chance of hitting every note on the way down.
  1. Chord Spread
    • Notes played at the same time will be spread apart
    • Level – Adjusts how close or far apart the notes will be
    • Accuracy – Adjusts randomness of the spread
  2. Chance of Rest
    • Gives the chance of a note being absent. Use this to randomize your rhythms.
    • Level – Adjusts chance of rests.
  1. Render
    • A rhythm that has been created using the rest effect can be preserved by clicking Render.
  2. Humanize
    • On click, all notes will randomly shift in timing
    • Level – Adjust the amount of the spread.
  3. Start Point
    • While active, any note clicked becomes the first note in a sequence. This changes the starting point of a sequence, by shifting it.
  1. Individual Note Probability
    • Individual notes can be chosen to increase or decrease their probability
    • Level – Adjusts chance of note selected appearing
    • Accuracy – Adjusts chance of note selected being repeated
  2. Pitch
    • Change pitch of sequence.
    • Level – Increase or decrease pitch by 1 semitone increments.
  3. Piano Roll Grid
    • Double click to add a note. Click and drag to move notes. Hold ctrl or cmd to select multiple notes.
  1. Piano Toggle
    • Toggle visibility of on-screen keyboard.
  2. Lock
    • Notes that are “locked” will not be affected by regenerating the sequence.
  3. Lock All
    • Lock all notes.
  4. Zoom In/Out
    • Adjust number of bars visible on screen.
  1. Live Mode
    • Harvest accepts chord data from MIDI device or from the MIDI track, and arpeggiates using the chosen rhythmic pattern.
  2. Regen
    • Creates a new melody.
  3. Undo/Redo
    • Navigate up to 30 past melodies.
  4. Load
    • Import existing MIDI sequences to be reimagined with Harvest. Notes Selected and rhythmic timing are retained.
  1. Save
    • Save MIDI file to custom directory.
  2. Settings
    • Edit user preferences.