Need Inspiration for Your Tracks?

A fresh, exciting chord progression is a perfect way to inspire amazing melodies, bass lines and drum patterns.

But sometimes our habits keep us from writing chord progressions that truly inspire us.

Forager presents a way of creating unique chord progressions that helps do just that.

Stop Running Out of Ideas

Imagine knowing every chord by heart

Reduce need for sample packs

Get unstuck using a unique workflow

Kick start your next project

✔️ Easily Play All Chords Using an Actual MIDI Instrument (don't kill creativity by dragging and dropping)
✔️ Use the Element of Surprise to Explore New Vibes (using Forager is actually FUN)
✔️ Break Out of Your Usual Patterns (Forager provides an entirely new workflow guaranteed to get you creating songs you never imagined)
✔️ Control the Complexity of Your Chords (easily break out of key without creating chaos in your track)
✔️ Originality-Centric Workflow (take all the creative credit, don't use packs someone else made)
✔️ Made For All Genres Of Music (control how simple or complex you make your chord progressions)
✔️ Usable With Any Sound (you can play all your chords & progressions with your favorite instruments & synths)
✔️ Compatible With Most DAWs (plus both Mac & PC)
30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to have a chance to take your music to the next level and try our product for 30 days. If you don't love it, simply contact us at support and we'll happily refund you.