Forager Features

  1. Note Selector
    • Highlighted keys represent all the notes that your chords can comprise of.
  2. Required Notes
    • If enabled, all chords in your list will contain required notes.
      Right click desired key to enable.
  3. Scale Selector
    • Quickly access all scales in all root keys.
  4. Loose Matches Knob
    • The number of Loose Matches represents the
    • number of notes outside your note selection to be permitted in the chords on the Chord list.
  1. Inversions
    • Controls what inversion values are permitted onto the grid when randomizing.
  2. Chord List
    • A list of all chords that fit your parameters
    • Click and Drag chords to Grid
  3. List Octave
    • Set default octave value for each chord when added to grid
  1. Grid
    • Your chosen chords. Click to play or use MIDI input of C1-D#2
    • Each item contains octave and inversion settingsĀ 
    • Chords can be clicked and dragged to other grid spaces
    • Right click = Lock chord in place. Locked chords are not affected by Randomize
  1. Randomize
    • Randomly selects chords from the chord list and populates each unlocked slot in the grid with a chord
  2. Clear Grid
    • Clear all chords from grid
  3. Grid Octave
    • Increases or decreases the octave value for each chord in the grid


  1. Filter Chords
    • Specify which chords or chord types desired on the chord list
  2. Exclusions
    • Specify all chords or chord types to be excluded from the chord list
  3. Undo/Redo
    • Undo and Redo the latest actions performed in the grid
  4. Settings Menu
    • Additional settings found here