Forager Development

Latest Version - Forager 1.1.0

Note: The update found below will only work for those who have purchased Forager and have it already installed. Instructions:

  1. Download the file for Windows or Mac below
  2. Unzip the .dll, .vst or .component file
  3. Replace Forager with the downloaded file in your VST folder
  4. Mac Only: Replace the .component file into your Components folder
Because you have already validated using the installer, you will not need to enter your serial number to update the file.

Development Notes


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1.1.0 Patch Notes - 09/08/2020

  • Grid will now be recalled when a DAW project file is saved and then loaded
  • Fixed stuck notes when certain chords play simultaneously
  • Added Clear Grid feature

1.0.0 - 08/21/2020

  • Forager Released