Cubase Troubleshooting

Some users may experience timing issues in Cubase when using Harvest. This can be caused by high CPU usage by the DAW, though the cause could vary from system to system. If you are experiencing such issues, please try these solutions.

Fix 1: Enable ASIO Latency Compensation on your instrument track

In Cubase, each Track can have ASIO Latency Compensation enabled or disabled. To toggle this setting on a per track basis:
Step 1: Right click your track and select "Track Controls Settings"
Step 2: Click "Instrument" at the top of the window
Step 3: In the "Hidden Controls" window, select "ASIO Latency Compensation" and click "Add > >"
Step 4: Click Apply

This will enable the toggleable button that enables ASIO Latency Compensation. Enable it on your instrument track.
You may also wish to enable this setting by default, which can be done by clicking Edit > Preferences > Record--MIDI > ASIO Latency Compensation by Default

Fix 2: Enable Add Latency to MIDI-Thru Processing

This setting can be changed here:
  • Edit > Preferences > Record--MIDI > Add Latency to MIDI-Thru Processing

  • Fix 3: Set MIDI Latency Mode to "Low"

    This setting can be changed here:
  • Edit > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Latency Mode to "Low"

  • Depending on your machine, you may notice Harvest is offset by 5-10ms. This is to be expected, and quantization is recommended if this is not acceptable. Alternately, you may use Harvest's "Save" feature to acquire sample-perfect MIDI files.